In 2015, Pee Dee Healthy Start, Inc. (PDHS) received funding from DHHS/ACF/OFA to implement a Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education (HMRE) grant in rural Chesterfield, Darlington, Marion, and Williamsburg Counties in the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina.  The target population is primarily African American women, ages 16-45, and their families.

Services include activities to promote:
  • marriage and relationship education/skills (MRES)
  • pre-marital education
  • divorce reduction
  • disincentives to marriage in government means-tested aid programs
  • economic stability and mobility

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to strengthen the African American family unit by improving the effectiveness of the adult relationships therein. 

Our Belief

Our belief is that promoting and increasing awareness regarding the importance of healthy relationships leads to healthier societies, communities, families, homes, and ultimately, healthier children!