Pee Dee Healthy Start virtual male panel discussion

Building healthy marriages, relationships, and families, start with healthy males.  Join us on March 15, 2022 as we launch initiatives and virtual panel discussions to understand the needs of this underserved population.  Once we understand the needs, together we can fine tune our service models to promote inclusivity.

Join us on Tuesday, March15, from 3:00 – 4:00 PM for: Understanding the Minds and Needs of Black American Males.

Adult Male Virtual Panel Registration Link:,a-8jHVt3E06csj0W_mZkew,OnIw-jRVAUeTgN3r5I1b7Q,4zEYr87ubEGkZ9Y__0xEGA,x_TGj9_sbkWBanprluUisg,lVE6pl0I506d15NM8Y0a7Q?mode=read&tenantId=fd2879b8-acc0-4974-8630-acb68b897fed

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